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    Henry Pickersgill, Marine Surveyor, at Beaufort, North Carolina to conduct damage survey of the 83-foot 1961 Trumpy Motor Yacht "SEA HAMMOCK." The vessel sank in the Intracoastal after striking a stabilizer on a shifting sandbar. Mr. Pickersgill has surveyed over 25 large Trumpy Motor Yachts during his survey career.

Expert Witness

Areas of Expertise

  • All aspects of yachting/boating – sail and power - voyaging, cruising, racing
  • All aspects of professional yachting - yacht sales, repair, insurance claims
  • All aspects of yacht/marine surveying – related to yachts and small craft
  • Aspects of marine engineering related to yachting/boating


  • Yachting/boating accidents – power and sail
  • Yachting/boating insurance claims disputes – power and sail
  • Yacht/boat sales transaction/survey disputes – new and brokerage
  • Yacht/boat yard service/repair - restoration disputes
  • Yacht/marine survey services – condition and value/insurance/appraisals

Call Henry Pickersgill at 352‑650‑5579 regarding your yacht or other marine issue.

(You can tell who Henry Pickersgill is – he’s the yacht and boat surveyor who actually gets his feet wet.)

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