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  • SW_Newport1stOverall
    "SUMMERWIND" crossing the finish line at the 2009 "Superyacht Bucket" Regatta, Newport, RI. - First to Finish, - First in Class, - First Overall. Survey work for Henry Pickersgill began with a phone call from client J. Don Williamson of Ft. Worth, Texas in October 2006: "I think I just bought a big old schooner over in Spain," Mr. Williamson said. "Do you think you could go over right away and survey her for me?" Pickersgill and survey team partner, Nathan Spaulding, arrived on the Island of Majorca, Spain two days later to begin survey work.
  • SummerWindFullScan
    "SUMMERWIND" shipped back to the US. This classic Alden yacht began a nearly three year reconstruction, refit and renovation in Florida. Principal contractor was Moores Marine of Riviera Beach, Consulting Naval Architect was Neils Helleberg, Project Surveyor was Henry Pickersgill. In the later stages, Project Manager and Captain was Karl Joyner. Photo shows new hull planking.
  • SummerWindAppraisal
    "SUMMERWIND" docked in Newport, RI. This photo was taken for the Henry Pickersgill appraisal of value survey leading to the donation of SummerWind by Mr. Williamson to the United States Merchant Marine Academy at King's Point, New York.
  • SummerWindAppraisal2
    "SUMMERWIND" - View of the all new deckhouse with full inside steering station – designed by Neils Helleberg and constructed by Dana Andrews and his American Yacht Restoration team. Dana's team also rebuilt the steering cockpit and performed major surgery on the decks.
  • SW_NewportBucketReaching
    "SUMMERWIND" racing with a fresh breeze on the reaching leg – Newport "Superyacht Bucket." Henry Pickersgill is at the helm. Sail trim is spot on thanks to sailing master and Doyle sailmaker, Scott Loomis.
  • SW_NewportBucketSunday
    "SUMMERWIND" racing the upwind leg – Newport "Superyacht Bucket." Henry Pickersgill is at the helm well attended by Neil Harvey, tactitian; Mike Lawrence, sail trimmer; SummerWind Capt. Karl Joyner doing the navigation; and Skipper/Owner J. Don Williamson giving encouragement.

"SummerWind" 100-foot 1929 John G. Alden Classic Schooner

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